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Hand Shapes for Matching Rings We'll assist you in choosing!

Are you unsure where to begin when it comes to choosing the ideal engagement ring for your spouse? Let the shape of your partner's hand guide you! How? This article will tell you!

It's been decided: you want to ask your great love to marry you and you want to do it in style or, at the very least, with the perfect engagement band! So, alongside the excitement, fear of picking the wrong one begins to creep in and you end up disappointed by your partner.

Don't fret, in the following paragraphs you will find all the tips you require to make the right purchase based on the most basic criteria: the shape of your hands. Wide, long, thin, large or small, with knuckles marked or soft fingers... There are a lot of options and options to selecting a unique ring just as you would be bringing your chosen person to the altar.

The shape of your hands is important when selecting Couple Jewelry Sets

As not all clothes are suitable for all body types and not all rings are suitable for all fingers. When it comes to fashion the principles of harmony and balance are in place, two key points which help us perform at our best. A rings that are too thin may disappear when worn on big fingers On the other hand the ring that has an enormous precious stone might be too flashy and awkward on smaller hands with narrow fingers. Let's say in a nutshell that the middle path is always the best option!

How can you study the shape and size of the hands

To begin choosing the right engagement ring, you should first determine whether your partner's hand is short or long. It may seem like a trivial thing, but it is instead the key to success!

If you're unsure of how to interpret this you can take a look at the palm height and then the middle finger height. If the second is higher than the first, it will be a long-hand. Otherwise, it'll be short-hand. It's easy, right? But how do you not get in trouble? You can play with your partner's hands by declaring that you want to see who has the biggest hands, in this manner, between a joke and a quip you'll surely be able to take at least the approximate measurements!

Hands of a small size and proportionate size Simple and elegant hands

Engagement rings, eternity rings and rivieres may enhance the attractiveness of small and thin hands! The choice of ring is in fact determined by a game of proportions. It is easy to grasp, therefore, that for instance, large squares or bands on fingers that aren't too long can make the overall hand appear slim when it's not! It is also advisable to opt for simple rings that do not have too many ornaments or significant stones. Solitaires aren't banned, but the size must be considered!

Free choice: Long hands using pianist's finger!

A thin hand shape with long fingers open many possibilities for an engagement rings. It is said that people with this kind of hand can afford all kinds of jewelry! You can refine your search in any case by taking certain factors into consideration. You should first try to discover your partner's preferences and assess his preferences. If, for instance, you recognize that he's particularly enthusiastic about showing off his pianist's hands, focus your attention on thin rings that will increase the luster of this talent.

If, in contrast, you have noticed that he prefers to hide his fingers because they are too long and thin, opt for simple and discreet rings that don't draw attention. No to stones with a huge or complicated design, but yes to rings with a distinct dimension that can re-proportion your fingers.

Naturally, stones are always welcomed, ideal for elegant hands, even colored ones, in case your partner is a flirty person or who in any case enjoys playing with things!

Rings for important and large fingers Think about a middle-way

The use of minimal rings that are smaller is not recommended for large hands. In fact, the smaller size is likely to increase the size of the finger of the wearer. Also be careful with solitaires, which when small, will cause the effect described. However, if it is large, would still give an overall impression of excess and size.

Concentrate on white gold rings that have diamonds instead, as colored precious gemstones or colored stones are not the best option.

Rings for square and short fingers

The elegant and important rings are perfect for small fingers. The sophisticated design helps minimize the childish appearance of these fingers. Therefore, the classic solitaire is perfect, with a medium-sized stone Avoid excesses however, since these are still hands of a small size A stone that is too big would be over the top.

What happens if your fingers have "chubby" fingers?

We suggest that, in order to reduce the softness of your fingers, you choose models with an approximate thickness of 6 millimeters and perhaps an uniform design. In this instance it is important to think about the diameter the ring needs to fit perfectly. This will prevent the unattractive "sausage" effect that could cause the wearer unhappy.

Hands with pronounced hands and knuckles

Your partner has a form of the hands with pronounced fingers, a characteristic of his fingers which he doesn't like. To make the right purchase in this circumstance it is important to first consider the size of the ring. It should be sufficient to cover the knuckle's prominent shape but not too large so that it doesn't "dance" when worn. In terms of shapes an engagement ring featuring an average-sized stone is the best choice to ensure that the attention is centered on the diamond rather than the knuckle: whoever receives it will appreciate the attention!

These tips on how to choose an engagement ring by taking into consideration the shape of her hands is useful, but remember that you also need to consider her personality, her style, and any wishes she may have expressed, however subtle. Allow yourself to be guided by your intuition... but not too much!


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